You are American Industrial Transport™.
You are moving ahead.

And your experience, talent and drive make it all possible.

The world is changing around us. Our customers are facing new challenges. And, thanks to you, we’re better positioned than anyone to help them see the way forward.

Today, we’re excited to announce changes that will bring your skills and experience to the forefront.

And our company’s new name — American Industrial Transport and AITX™ brand – is just the start.

Our repair subsidiaries will also be branded AITX and renamed AITX Railcar Services, LLC and AITX Railcar Services of Canada, Inc.


As our new tagline – Moving Ahead – proclaims, we’re ready to help our customers put challenges behind them.

Our new brand brings a new level of responsiveness and flexibility to the industry, and it’s exactly what our customers need in today’s world, where entire markets can change overnight.


What drives us forward.

So how do we bring this new customer-first attitude to the market? How do we show the world what brings us to work every day? It starts with our new brand statement. You’ll see echoes of this manifesto on our new website, and in letters, brochures, ads – anything that’s customer facing.

We know how to keep your business moving.
How to look beyond the horizon and see the best way forward.
That’s exactly what the people at American Industrial Transport do every day.
Their deep industry knowledge and experience fuel our consultative approach, helping us bring you the railcar leasing and repair you need to keep your business ahead of the rest.

Together with the aspirational language above, these two simple sentences capture the spirit of who we are. Experienced. Knowledgeable. And above all, customer focused.

American Industrial Transport provides railcar leasing and repair services that enable businesses to keep moving forward.

Our younger, more reliable fleet, consultative service and deep industry experience help leading companies stay ahead of the rest.


Now you can bring the spirit of AITX™ with you everywhere.

Watch for your American Industrial Transport merch package soon.

What sets us apart.

Simply put, you are the difference-maker at AITX. Your hard work has helped us earn our outstanding reputation for service – and will allow us to continue to build on it in the future.

These are the qualities that separate us from the rest.


Our heritage stretches back nearly a century. We bring this knowledge and experience to every customer relationship, so we know how to keep you moving.


We’ll work directly with you to connect you with the right cars you request, and the right service you need for your specific products.


As your needs evolve, we’re right there with you – providing the industry-focused solutions you need alongside full and onsite mobile repair.


We will never stop working to help you find the most efficient way to keep you ahead of everyone else.