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“Moving Ahead” comes from the dedication and spirit that defines our employee culture

When launching our new name – American Industrial Transport – we had some decisions to make. We knew that we wanted to first roll it out to our employees, as the brand and voice is a reflection of who they are. However, in the midst of remote working and social distancing at our repair facilities, we could not do things in the normal fashion. Our team sure loves a chance to get together and celebrate.

So, we decided to do the next best thing — a Virtual Brand Relaunch. No food trucks or high-fives. But, we really wanted to signal to our team and customers that everyone was ready to get-going and… move ahead.

Launching a new brand is a starting point, not a final destination. And, we are extremely confident that this exciting new chapter in our company is one that will result in actionable results for our employees and customers… 

Plus who doesn’t love new swag!