Railcar Leasing

We provide railcar solutions to customers across industries and commodities.

Our growing fleet gives our team more flexibility to address your specific freight needs. Whether that is a certain type of car for your requirements, a preference of car life cycle across new, midlife, or older, or leasing options that suit your financial goals, AITX will work with you.

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Expansive Fleet Options

With our broad fleet options, we’re ready to help you move ahead.

Full leasing options, at your service.

Covered Hoppers

Large Cube

Plastic pellets, dried distillers grain

Medium Cube

Fertilizer, dry chemical, grain

Small Cube

Cement, sand

Pressure Differential

Fine granular commodities like flour, sugar

Tank Cars

AAR 211 Tank Cars

Vegetable oils, unregulated commodities

DOT 111 Tank Cars

Non-flammable chemicals

DOT 117 Tank Cars

Flammable and hazardous products

Pressure Tank Cars

Liquified petroleum gas

Hoppers and Gondolas

Open Top Hoppers

Coal, sand, rock


Scrap metal, copper concentrate, steel plates

Specialty Freight


Paper, appliances, pulp, forest products, panel products


Dimensional lumber, wallboard, fence posts

Flat cars

Containers, trailers, vehicles