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1 Million hour with zero lost time injuries

Mobile Operations exceeds 1 Million Hours with zero lost time to injuries.

Keeping your cars on-time and on-track is what our mobile team tirelessly works toward. Every day presents predictably unpredictable scenarios which challenge  our team to ensure your railcars are moving ahead.

Safety is at the heart of all we do.  It is our people that make AITX, which is why we prioritize safety training, procedures, and communication… above all. This is best for the well-being of our team and the productivity of your freight.

We are so proud of our mobile operations latest achievement of over 1 Million Hours of Zero Lost Time Injuries.

This extends across our eight mobile repair units strategically located across Class I Railroads. We specialize in solving your problems. From on-the-spot repairs to pre-trip inspections, our mobile service technicians will help you avoid downtime… making sure safety is job number one.