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Bude, MS exceeds 1 Million Hours with Zero Lost Time to Injuries

Last Thursday, February 10th, the AITX Team had a celebration at our Bude, Mississippi full-service repair and maintenance facility honoring a milestone that we truly see as a reason to congregate.

The best team in rail successfully accomplished:

1 Million Hours a repair service with Zero Lost Time Injuries.

It is no secret. To our team, Safety, Quality, and Turn-Time go hand-in-hand.

Having a safe team means holding yourself to a high standard of quality, keeping your people on the job every day, and prioritizing your customers’ business. Bude is a perfect example of this high standard.

This impressive achievement is over 2,300 days (and counting), as a true team effort across over 125 employees.

If there is one thing this team likes as much as looking out for the well-being of each other, it’s a BBQ lunch. We had members of our whole company down to Bude — from our HQ in St. Charles to all across the country — to celebrate this achievement and take every day as a chance to perform better.

Here’s to maintaining this safety priority and Moving Ahead. Enjoy some of the pictures from this special day.

Like everything we do, it is our People that make us great.

These are some of those in the pictures above. But, there are many more that made this accomplishment possible.

Kurt Higginbotham, John Ward, Steve West, Art Braundmeier, Bruce McGuire, Kenneth Young, Evangelo Bell, Eddie O’Quinn, Kevin Nettles, Jordan Leonard, Travis Reed, Joe Smith, Jeremy Dixon, Alvin Chaney, Elbert Briggs, Hugh Rollins, Otha Riggins, Ty Ward, Edgar Rice, Jamey Brown, Bill Shaw, Hollis Hunt, Austin Smith, Pat Van Etten, Cody Bruce, Logan Higginbotham, Matt Foster, Izea Foster, Antoine Walton, Michael Brigmond, Austin Sinclair, Jesse Touchstone, Colton Brumfield, Ladarius Norman, Vincent Burchfield.