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Congratulations Robbie Caito.

For the Last 29 Years, Robbie Caito Made St. Charles a Special Place

If you’ve spent time in our St. Charles office over the last three decades, you had the pleasure to cross paths with Robbie Caito, our Accounts Payable Supervisor. Things change over time. But, for us, Robbie has been a consistence of excellence in our accounting team that many have benefitted from.

Extremely smart and a kind-hearted person, Robbie will be missed. We all wish her the absolute best in what’s to come.

Robbie started in 1993. She was hired to work in accounting for the manufacturing group, Corbitt Manufacturing. She remembers that her first projects were ushering in a new computer system and tirelessly working to bring to market new product lines. It sure sounds familiar to those that are coming into AITX today. As Robbie recalls:

“They were in the midst of important strategic changes, and it’s been that way for 29 years ever since.”

When you are a leader in our accounting team, you become the backbone to making change feel seamless and productive. Robbie has many stories about bringing process and organization to the chapters of our company history.

Moving the corporate side of the manufacturing business to St. Charles.

Bringing in new computer systems. And, again bringing in new computer systems. Did we say computer systems?

Taking American Railcar Industries public. The company sale to ITE. Welcoming our new team from The Andersons.

And, many day-to-day adventures in between.

She fondly looks back at her time in St. Charles working for Joan Lall – our former director of operations and accounting for over 30 years. Joan and Robbie made quite a team that made each business unit better.

“Everyone would agree. When Joan Lall was overseeing operations and accounting, she was the best boss ever. I learned a lot from her.”

One of the best parts of having longevity at a company is that you get to work for and alongside many great people. The team at St. Charles got to experience that with Robbie. On her final days at AITX, she takes it all in stride.

“One consistent at this company has been that there has always been great people coming and going all the time. And now it’s my time!”

Robbie you are always welcome. Please pop-in and let us know what is the latest and greatest.

I am sure we will be in the midst of a computer update or a new product launch if you have any pointers.