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New AITX Shops in Milton, PA & Clinton, IN 

Multi-Functional Facilities in Milton, PA and Clinton, IN Give AITX Customers a Wider Footprint and Increased Resources 

ST. CHARLES, MO, June 28, 2022 – Continuing to address the comprehensive needs of railcar customers, American Industrial Transport, Inc. (“AITX”) expanded its repair and maintenance network across the Northeast and Midwest with facilities in Milton, Pennsylvania and Clinton, Indiana. Both facilities are currently open and actively servicing repair customers.  

AITX MILTON is in Central Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Valley outside of Harrisburg and located on the Norfolk Southern Railroad delivery line. AITX has a long heritage in this region, and the Milton shop will serve as its flagship Northeast facility. AITX Milton is currently a hybrid, performing light and medium repairs on freight cars with mobile capabilities across Pennsylvania and the entire northeastern region. The plan is to become a certified full-service shop offering coating, cleaning, and program work on a range of car types, from boxcars, centerbeams, covered hoppers, flat cars, gondolas, PD hoppers, and tub cars. Milton is helmed by 28-year veteran plant manager, Charles Crow, and will be hiring aggressively to support the expansion efforts. Shawn Ritter, who joins AITX from High Steel Structures, is supervisor over the operation. 

AITX CLINTON is in Vermillion County in Western Indiana on the Wabash River and located on the CSX Railroad delivery line. Clinton is a strong addition to AITX’s presence in the Midwest servicing the agriculture industry. AITX Clinton specializes in freight and covered hopper repairs with light tank car repairs under support and oversight of the AITX AAR tank certified shop at nearby Mounds, IL. Further, AITX Clinton adds storage opportunities as a new resource option for customers. Clinton is currently managed by Matt Ward who has worked in the tank car repair service industry for 15 years. 

AITX’s growth investment represents a company-wide commitment to scale its repair business. These openings at Milton and Clinton are part of the leadership effort of promoted repair lead, John Ward (SVP Repair Services) and new addition, Greg Gibson (VP Repair Services) who already are supervising AITX’s Brookhaven, MS expansion which will strengthen AITX’s tank car capabilities on the CN line into the Gulf. 

“Whether it is our leasing or repair businesses, AITX is all about anticipating customers’ needs and having the right options for wherever their businesses move,” stated Kurt Higginbotham, President at American Industrial Transport, Inc. “Expanding into Central Pennsylvania and Western Indiana gives AITX customers a wider geographical footprint, enhanced repair services, new storage capacity, and more great people to add to the best team in rail.”