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AITX Sarnia Achieves 1M Hours with Zero Lost Time to Injuries

We say it over and over again. For our Repair Services business, nothing is more important than Safety. It is monumental for our people and how we achieve quality, turn-times, and project satisfaction. Safety is a mandatory part of all of these success-metrics and why it is so valuable to our employees and customers.

An hour and half north of Detroit, AITX Sarnia is in Ontario, Canada nestled where Lake Huron feeds into the St. Clair River. AITX Sarnia sits on the CN Railroad and works with commodity freight shippers and lessees going anywhere across Canada from Prince Rupert to Halfax or journeying south into the New Orleans Gulf. A larger full-service shop, they have the capacity for over 240 railcars across Tanks, Covered Hoppers, and PDs. This means they see a lot of railcars and are always busy with repairs, qualifications, cleaning, coating, lining… this team does not miss a beat.

We celebrate Mike Williams (Plant Manager) and the whole AITX Sarnia team of over 70 men and women for their unwavering focus and commitment to safety and one another.

1M Hours with Zero Lost Time to Injuries is our most cherished safety milestone. For Sarnia, this is over 3,200 days and counting, going back as far as September 2013.

We appreciate all you do for AITX, your community, and our customers. We support you in continuing to make safety a priority each and every day.

Moving Ahead.