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Celebrating Rail Safety Week

One Million Hours with Zero Lost Time Injuries is a milestone we talk a lot about at AITX. 

It’s an industry safety standard everyone accepts and understands. It’s a day-in and day-out commitment over a long time horizon shared by every person in every building. It often takes nearly a decade and is passed on from blast to weld, old-timers to new-hires, blue-collar to white-collar.

To achieve these milestones you need programs, policies, training, and compliance… with no tolerance for compromise.

But, beyond the policy binder and breakroom poster, ultimately, it’s culture that gets you to 1M hours. 

A culture that starts with empowering every employee at every level to know that their number one responsibility is to never put anything above the safety of themselves and their co-workers. A belief-system that is brewed from the bottom-up and evangelized and supported by everyone, everyday.

Currently, four AITX locations are in the midst of 1M Hour milestones. Our full-service locations in Bude, Mississippi and Sarnia, Ontario. Across our seven mobile units. And, at our two corporate headquarters. Yes, we track safety at every location we have AITX team members. 

Most importantly, as a company as a whole, AITX is over a year without a zero lost time injury. That is all locations full-service and mobile repair, corporate HQ, and remote workers. As far as we can tell, it is the longest streak of our company.

We know that this can change at any time, any location. This is why it is something we practice and preach every day.

Thank you to our whole AITX team for keeping yourselves and each other safe. It’s something that’s appreciated by management, co-workers, and our customers. 

Finally, thank you to Art Braundmeier, our Director of Environmental Health and Safety, who oversees these initiatives and keeps us focused.

Moving Ahead.