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This week’s #MotivationMonday is perfect for the Giving Season.

Last Thursday was the annual Franklin County Holiday Luncheon where they recognize individuals that makes a difference for the people of Mississippi. This year AITX Bude’s former administrative professional, Sara Robertson, won the highly prestigious “Hometown Hero Volunteerism Award.” Sara worked at AITX for over 40 years, and her record of giving has been an inspiration. She has volunteered at the Franklin County Hospital Board and the Chamber of Commerce. She is a Deaconess at her church proving youth guidance and Bible teachings. Plus, Sara has numerous advisory roles across the community.

This is a photo of Sara with former AITX Bude Plant Manager, Bill Scott, and our SVP Repair Services, John Ward.

Here are a few kind words John had on Sara’s behalf.


I first met Sara Robertson when my family and I moved to Bude in 1981… just a young “Yank” transferring from Illinois. Early on, when Sara saw me struggling, she helped me adjust to Southern life.

She was one of the fairest, most unselfish people I’ve ever met. It never mattered to her who you were or where you came from. She treated everyone with respect, and she expected the same in return.

Sara developed a level of trust with the employees and their families that was unlike any we had before. Whether it was making sure they had their insurance claims properly filed, making sure they got the proper medical assistance they needed, encouraging employees to join 401k plans, or simply making sure they didn’t lose vacation days. Sara’s contribution to the employees and family had a positive impact on all of Franklin County. Our Bude plant could not have grown to the level of success that it has achieved without Sara’s positive impact and influence.

Some 35 years ago, Sara and I worked with other locals to integrate the Franklin County Little League that is still thriving today. I know as her friend, Sara has helped a lot of needy people over the years in numerous different ways – maybe financially, giving someone needy some clothes or food, or just lending a kind ear when a person needed one. Most of this went unnoticed, because Sara never look brings attention to herself. Sara has given so much to so many and deserves so much thanks. I have been blessed to work with a lot of good folks over the many years, but Sara became my best friend and we still stayed connected to this day.

She is one of the best human beings that I have ever known.