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Welcome_ Chris Lautermilch

Chris Lautermilch, Maintenance Specialist

We are proud to welcome Chris as an expert in tank car repair maintenance programs, he will be working with our Tank Car Group improving on programs and priorities within our repair network for our extensive fleet offering.

Chris has been in Rail for approximately 15 years. He started in repair with TTX, moved on to be a conductor for CSX. After being furloughed by CSX he returned to repair at The Andersons in 2012. After a few years, Chris took on the role of Production Manager. Three years later, Chris transferred over to Quality Assurance Supervisor.

Chris lives in Holland, Ohio with his wife, Lori. He teaches an Adult Education welding class two nights a week at Penta Career Center. When not at work he enjoys fishing, riding on his motorcycle, and spending time working in the yard and taking care of the dogs and chickens.

Moving Ahead.