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Welcome, Dorian Aiello

Dorian Aiello, Senior Treasury Analyst

We warmly welcome Dorian Aiello to our Finance and Accounting Team as Senior Treasury Analyst. Dorian joins ATIX from the Classical Academy de Lafayette, where she was Finance Administrator.

Originating from Canada (Ontario) and being the oldest of seven siblings has shaped Dorian’s character and instilled valuable qualities. Additionally, she brings remarkable achievements, having been a Division I rower and earning her CPA designation.

Dorian finds joy in a variety of hobbies and activities, including hiking, playing the piano, and supporting Iowa Hawkeye Athletics. Her love for adventure has taken them to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, a memorable destination right here in Missouri.

While Dorian is passionate about her personal goals and aspirations, including streamlining her life and surroundings, she is equally committed to making a positive impact within our team and organization.

Let us extend a warm welcome to Dorian Aiello and offer our support as she embark on this exciting new chapter with us!

Moving Ahead.