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Welcome Michael Meeks

Michael Meeks, Accounting Manager

Welcome Michael Meeks as our new Accounting Manager. Michael is a skilled CPA coming to AITX from Controller and Financial Analyst positions from MRP Capital Group, Lexicon, and Carrollton Bank with his Master in Accounting from University of Missouri-Columbia.

Outside of work, Michael has a passion for building and constructing things. He recently completed a decorative flower box and is currently planning to refinish the kitchen cabinets. His creativity and attention to detail will undoubtedly be valuable assets to our team.​

Becoming a father has had the most profound impact on Michael’s life, emphasizing the importance of family and personal growth. He also aspires to master a handstand and has a keen interest in learning to fly planes.​

Let’s warmly welcome Michael to our team and embrace his unique talents, experiences, and aspirations. We look forward to working together and creating great things!

Moving Ahead.