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AITX Brookaven Dedication Jim Unger

AITX Brookhaven Dedication to Jim Unger

Last week we assembled at our Brookhaven facility for a special ceremony to name our new, state-of-the-art expansion after James (“Jim”) Unger. It was a day to remember and an honor for all that attended. 
The AITX Brookhaven facility was dedicated to Jim as he stands for everything we strive for at AITX and this new full-service facility — always focused on what is important, what creates sustainable value for our customers and partners, and how can we support the well-being and success of our people. 
Jim is a leading rail industry veteran with over 40 years experience as a builder, financier, servicer, and leader. He joined American Car & Foundry in the mid-seventies and assumed the President and CEO role of American Railcar Industries, Inc. in 1995. For the last 28 years, Jim has had a steering hand in the growth of ARI, the creation of AITX, the Company we are today. Mr. Unger is the Chairman of the Board of Director of AITX and Chairman Emeritus of ITE, the private investment firm and owner of AITX.
When Jim discusses the significance of the rail business, he is in awe of the critical role each person plays in keeping our country moving, especially those at our repair plants. It is his love and respect for the business and its people that will be embodied in the work done out of our Brookhaven facility.