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Marathon Petroleum: Meeting ever-changing needs with the power of communication.

Marathon’s 16-refinery system is the largest in the United States, with daily output of over 3 million crude oil barrels. That’s enough crude oil to fill the Houston Astrodome every six days. In practice, Marathon supplies retail chains ARCO, Speedway, and Marathon and runs an integrated petroleum distribution infrastructure for pipelines and terminals, towboats and barges, across crude and natural gas.

Their petrochemicals are also core ingredients to essential industrial and household items, paints, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, plastics… the list is extensive. These raw materials range from propylene, asphalt, butane, benzene, sulfur, caustic, and much more.

We take pride that the things Marathon makes are in most every product that people use, every day.

Ensuring continuous railcar availability across operations.

Marathon only moves a single commodity type in any given railcar. Therefore, optimal operations ensure continuous railcar availability, as each product category requires the right car type and size married with the right car count timed for varying daily output.

Of course, these needs are always changing, demanding constant communication between Marathon and its rail partners – and that’s how the relationship with AITX™ has blossomed.

The partnership’s success is defined by Marathon’s expertise and ability to communicate clearly what is needed and on what schedule, coupled with AITX’s ability to interpret, respond and deliver on their promise. This is valuable to any partnership and is a foundation for continued growth.

“For Marathon, we judge partners on speed and accuracy. We lean toward companies that have a track-record of trust. AITX is quick to respond and honest. It is their reliability that we have grown to expect.”

Phillip Adams
Manager of Rail-East Operations Marathon Petroleum Company

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